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Product Detail
BOMCO Mud Pump F-1600HL 
Present point: 0
Point offset: 0.0

BOMCO Mud Pump F-1600HL include :Fluid end assembly,Lubrication gp-power end,Pinion shaft assembly,Crankshaft assembly,Crosshead assembly,Spray pump assembly,Plunger lubrication line,Air bag assembly,Shear pin safety valve assembly,Auxiliary line,Spray pipe assembly etc.

Fluid end assemblyAH1602010100
5 "auxiliary pipeline (52Mpa)AH1602010200
Connecting pipe for safety valveAH1602010600
Adjusting padAH13010119
Frame GPAH1301010100
Crankshaft assemblyAH1601010100
Oil level gauge assemblyAH1001011400
Lubrication gp-power endAH1301010600
Pinion shaft assemblyAH1601010200
Crosshead hole coverAH16020107
a sealAH13010115
Spray pump assemblyBC0000090300
Cover plate assemblyAH1301011800
Crosshead assemblyAH1301010400
Small craneAH1301011000
Lifting frameAH1301011100
Ventilation hoodT515-101.00
Sealing washerAH10010110900
Cover plateAH1301011200
a sealAH13010113
Drain cover (III)AH1001011500
a sealAH13010116
Kb-45h air case AK45520100
Ja-3 shear pin valve safety valveAH0000060300
Bolt m24x110GB5780-86
Nut M24GB41-86
Spring pad 24GB93-87
Spring pad 16GB93-87
Bolt m16x60GB5780-86
Nut M16GB41-86
Cross recessed pan head screw M4x8GB823-85
Bolt m12x25GB5780-86
Bolt m12x35GB5780-86
Bolt m16x40GB5780-86
Washer 16GB848-85
Nut M27GB41-86
Bolt m27x90GB5780-86
Spring pad 27GB93-87
Nail for sign 3x10GB827-76
Rubber strip40x10 x5800
Washer 12GB848-85
Backing ring bx152T58-6002
Plug NPT 2“T56-1008
Flange double scale pressure gauge 80MPaYK-150 NPT 2
Equal length stud m30x3x240T503-1007
Nut m30x3T507-2001
Backing ring bx169T508-6001
Stud m20x140T503-1008
Nut M20T507-2013
Thread anaerobic locking compound170506010100243000
Attached spare partsAH1602010800
Random toolsAH1602010900